About us – Grafitec

Our history

It's 1982. The Italian soccer national team rejoices raising the world cup to the skies, on the shelves of music stores are placed the first CDs and two careful and curious guys are engaged in providing assistance to Roman architects and designers .

Luigi and Fabio solve problems and provide solutions.

Day after day, they enter the offices and often perceive a feeling of inadequacy. Uncomfortable seating, undressed corners, poor lighting conditions. Aware of the difficulties and certain of being able to improve the well-being of those who live in the office, they are working to achieve a goal: to create functional and comfortable working environments . Years pass and the experience grows. The mess-tin is hard, but to the boys tenacity and dedication are not lacking.

We are in 1992 and the real adventure begins. Luigi, Fabio and the Grafitec.

Attention to detail, knowledge of materials and furnishing elements, experience, passion . These are just some of the ingredients of the recipe that, after 8 years, allowed the two brothers to take off. From a small site, to a production space of 400m2.

Luigi and Fabio have in common the passion for things to realize with care and their priority is to create unique environments, built for the people who live them .

Given this, why not extend the experience gained with industrial design, even to homes? The answer is under the eyes. Grafitec becomes synonymous with design and furniture for offices and homes.

New location, new goals.

The production area joins a showroom where Luigi and Fabio accompany the customers to allow them to test, appreciate and choose the products, which will be part of their environment. The brothers, after more than 20 years, have not lost the desire to learn, experiment and exceed the expectations of those who trust them.


The processing phases of our headquarters

Starting from a land owned, we designed a custom-built project and followed all the stages of construction. Design, construction of the building, furnishing solutions for offices and exteriors, domotics, state-of-the-art lighting technology, raised floors that can be completely inspected.

From the construction site ...

... at the finished building

Domotics , photovoltaic systems on the roof of the building and autonomous management of energy production that feeds the electrical system, that of air conditioning and irrigation;
Photovoltaic systems , rationalization of consumption, goods loading / unloading area ;
Inside, in the open space operating area, we have chosen multi-functional furniture solutions with cutting-edge design;
During the design phase, the need was highlighted to create a space able to combine spaces dedicated to relaxation that could be used as work areas when needed. Thanks, in fact, to the domotic solutions chosen and to the roof made with motorized blinds and glass walls , this space adapts brilliantly to different needs, becoming a working environment in all respects without losing its natural connotation devoted to relaxation.
  • 1982

    Luigi and Fabio provide assistance to Roman architects and designers, solving problems related to drawing tables and technigraphs
  • 1992

    Grafitec: The adventure begins
  • 2000

    New premises with 400 m2 of production space and 260 m2 of showroom
  • 2005

    Grafitec moves to its offices; Following a company spin-off, the company Duemilacinque is born.
  • 2010

    Grafitec extends its skills also to the furnishing of domestic environments
  • 2014

    Reorganized headquarters and new spaces available; 400 m2 on the ground floor with display of the brands dedicated to home furnishings; 300 m2 on the first floor, entirely dedicated to the office furniture. Grafitec Lab: 100 m2 outdoor for meetings and vernissages

Certified quality

As a company we have obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification related to the quality management system of the procedures, which guarantees to customers the perfect development of the production process.
Moreover, to offer an ever better service to the customer, we have acquired the ISO 14001: 2015 certification for the environmental and ergonomic management standard, as well as the ISO 18001: 2007 certification on the management of health and safety at work. For further transparency, we make available our Chamber of Commerce, insurance policy, as well as the document DURC.

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